Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Jenna Roxx Returns !!

 I was browsing Twitter the other day and was delighted to see Jenna Roxx on there. I was good friends with Jenna up to about a year ago, when she decided to leave Twitter and My Free Cams to pursue other interests.
At the time I thought it was a shame, as Jenna was always friendly and interacted well with her fans, but as you all know, models come and go in this business for all sorts of reasons.
Anyway I was overjoyed when Jenna re-appeared, although when I asked her what she'd been doing I got the classic response of  'If I told you I'd have to kill you!!' so I abandoned that line of enquiry and contented myself with the knowledge that she is back. As you can see from these pictures Jenna is spending a lot of time in the Gym getting that sexy body as ripped and fit as she can, and the result is stunning.
Jenna is now re-building her twitter follower base as well as her My Free Cams profile, so please go and follow her and look out for her MFC sessions.