Friday, 30 March 2012

AltBooBblog Exclusive - Behind The Scenes Of INK2 With Kendo Films!!

 I'm so excited! I've been dying to write this blog for a couple of weeks and now I can share this news with you. I was chatting to Kenny of Kendo Films on twitter a little while ago, and, being the true gent he is Kenny invited me to spend the day at his studio on the south coast while he was shooting a scene for INK 2, the follow up to his highly acclaimed INK, for Daring Films.
Well after a few false starts trying to find a mutually suitable date, I finally got to visit a couple of weeks ago for the shooting of a scene with Paige Fox and Seth Strong. It was a busy day for Kendo as he was also shooting  a scene for Dorcel starring Mishka Devlin, Keira Knight and Kai Taylor. Watching the shoot was just fantastic - 3 cameras, a couple of hours of hot sex all to be edited down to 20 minutes of hardcore annd 20 minutes of softcore. The view from the back of the studio was great but when I got a look at the camera screen I could see through the eyes of Kendo for just a brief moment - what an honour!
Kenny was such a great and friendly host, especially as he was so busy and the other crew members and actors were also really nice to talk to and interested in the blog. Kenny even provided lunch of sandwiches, deliciously home made by his wife Lisa, and gave me  a sample DVD as a souvenir of my day. Unfortunately I didn't get to see Kai, Keira and Mishka in action, as I had to get back home, but I did get to see them in costume - Kenny even asked my opinion as to what underwear the girls would start the shoot wearing!
It was so interesting to see the porn film process at work and great to meet some real life porn stars and the one and only Kendo, and you can see from the pictures that the film is going to be just as brilliant as the award winning original INK and Kendo's other films.
Truly a day to remember, and I really hope it's one I get to repeat some time, and hopefully take a few still shots of my own. Enjoy this blog, although I can guarantee you won't even come close to my enjoyment of the day. Thanks Kenny, you're a star!!

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