Friday, 13 March 2015

Retired Alt Glamour Model Dors Feline Launches New Website -

Long term readers will know that in the earlier days of this blog one of the most prolific models featured was busty tattooed English model Dors Feline. A couple of years ago Dors announced her retirement from the adult/glamour scene and had controversial breast reduction surgery. A few photosets emerged on her website but there has been nothing for a year or so. In the last few days, though Dors has been on Twitter announcing a new project - The idea is that Dors will offer advice and promotional support for new young - and not so young - aspiring glamour models. Those who have been in and around the adult modelling/porn business know that it can be a minefield for naive youngsters who can get themselves stuck in exploitative contracts, ripped off by unscrupulous 'agents', 'webmasters' and 'photographers' and generally used by the parasites that inhabit this industry. I'm not saying the whole industry is like that - but for a newcomer it is difficult to tell the real people from the toads.
This is where Dors comes in. She has been through all of the pitfalls and emerged relatively unscathed, largely because she is a strong personality and has fantastic support both from her fans and in her personal life. I've been a fan and a supporter through the good and bad times and have seen Dors bounce back time and again. The young Dors would have been very grateful for the help and support that the more experienced Dors can offer, and now she is ready to share this with models who are trying to break into the industry.
So any girls who are looking to become glamour or porn models (and there is a big difference between the two), or who have been put off by a bad initial experience, should check out and send Dors an email. 
For those who have only recently seen my blog, or those with short memories, here are a few pictures from to remind you of Dors in her heyday.