Saturday, 18 December 2010

Ruby Violence - all kinds of wonderful!

It's only been a couple of weeks since I did a post featuring Ruby Violence, but looking all the things she's done since then it would have taken most other models months.
Ruby is just so prolific, and each time it's different. Here we have pictures from 4 different shoots. Firstly there are a couple of shots from an avantgarde fashoin shoot with Lily Cade and photographer and designer Ellie Schneider.
Then we have the cover of Ruby's latest DVD, Art School Dykes, this time directed by Lily, and featuring Katie Summers alongside Ruby.
Then we have a screen shot from an Educational (?) video called How to Please a Woman, with Ms Kartier and Lily Cade (am I beginning to see a pattern here?)
Finally we have a very stylish shot of Ruby in a black corset and skirt that was shot on her recent trip to NY with Candace Moon and JDevil. Apparently this started out as a rope bondage scene but JD was so impressed by Ruby's look that it turned into a straight glamour set - good call!

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