Friday, 17 December 2010

It's D - Day (D for Dors that is!) The new website has landed!

Today is the day that the many fans of Dors Feline have been eagerly awaiting. Her new official website goes live! It features pictures, both professional and amateur, videos, a blog, a video chat room and regular updates, all for a very reasonable membership fee!
Lucky Panda!
So if you've been missing having lots of Dors all in one place for the last few months you know what to do - and here are a couple of taster pics from in case you needed any more persuasion!
Remember this is the ONLY official Dors Feline website - beware of tired imitations trading on her name with so-called 'new material' which was shot ages ago!
Dors will continue to make guest appearances on the SCORE group websites and but for news, pics, vids and chat the place to go is - or just keep checking here!

Dors Rocks!

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