Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Posh Filth - Is There Any Better Kind?

 I've been watching Jemma Perry's tweets for a while as she was announcing the launch of her mew website Poshfilth.com. Well now it has launched and it is even better than I expected!
Now I am sure that Chav Porn has its place, but for me there is something special about dirty words coming out in cut glass accents from beautiful well-brought up young ladies!
This fantasy niche is what poshfilth.com is aiming at and I think they succeed. The first few picture sets to be published include top models Jemma Perry (the force behind the site), Tiffany Naylor, Holly Kiss, Danielle Maye and the young lady featured here, Emma Butt. The quality of the pictures is first class and show solo and girl/girl action.
In the featured set Emma Butt is shown in riding gear (always a turnon) and a really tight gold leather corset which does a great job of bringing out those massive boobs. Add a set of pearls and the effect is complete.
As I said, the scenarios have been well thought through and brilliantly posed and photographed - if Poshfilth.com keep up this standard then I'm sure it will be as successful as top UK niche glamour sites like secretease.com - who I also feature regularly on here, as regular readers will know.
I can also think of a couple of models who would fit right in at poshfilth.com - I'm sure you can too!!

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