Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Double Dose of Huge Black Boobies!

 You know I have a weakness for big black boobs. Well here we have the gorgeous Shanice from Birmingham and Cotton Candi from the USA. Why these two together you may ask? Well apart from both having gorgeous big black boobies they are getting together for one day only on 27th July at a venue near Heathrow.
You can find out all you need to know by either following them on Twitter - @bustyshanice or @cottoncandi1luv - or by visiting Shanice's adultwork page.
I undesrand that there will also be a photoshoot taking place, and I'll be bringing you some of those pics of these two boobieliscious babes together - in the meantime enjoy these pics of them in solo mode. Just in case you didn't know the first two pics are of Shanice and the other pics are of Cotton Candi, who sports what are probably the biggest tits yet seen on this blog!

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