Friday, 18 May 2012

Early Dors! New updates at

Well this is one blog post I never thought I'd be writing! Back in September the updates at retired glamour model Dors Feline's offcial website dried up, and I thought that all the back catalogue had been published. How wrong I was. Dors and/or her webmaster have dug deep into the old photo albums and come up with 3 new photosets, each containing over 50 photos.
You can tell from the tattoos that these are from very early on in Dors' all too short career but there's nothing wrong with that.
The very latest set published this week features Dors in a hot Girl/Girl set with another tattooed model who I feel I ought to recognise, which is a decided and very unexpected bonus! I don't know how many more sets there are, but it's worth the £7.50 to join just for these 3 sets alone. Dors seems to have got over the trauma surrounding her breast reduction surgery and retirement from modelling, and those of you who loved the wit and saecasm of Dors' twitter will be pleased to know that she has set up a tumblr blog.
As I said at the beginning, I never thought I'd be writing this but I'm glad to be putting what may well be a postscript to the Dors Feline story - the only sure thing is you can never say never when this lady is concerned.

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