Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ruby Violence Returns to AltBooBblog!!

 It's almost certainly my fault, but due to some technica difficulties one of my favourite American Alternative models hasn't been seen on this blog for ages. I'm talking about Ruby Violence of course, and these pictures here from just show new readers, and remind older ones, just what they've been missing.
Ruby is not just stunningly good looking and extremely sexy but her pictures are always creatively shot. She is also one of the nicest most caring people on Twitter.
So enjoy these pictures and go and see much more of Ruby at
For more from the Barely Evil Empire of websites visit
Welcome back Ruby XX.


  1. Oh why thank you so much love! Been feeling blah earlier and you def put a smile on my face. Lots of love!

    xoxo Ruby

    1. Its been far too long - lovely to hear from you xoxox

  2. I have to say, I really like the nature vibe of these shots..
    Adore the lacy crochet hold ups,I want them!!