Monday, 17 October 2011

Dors Feline - My Final Word

Over the past week, since Dors Feline (I will continue to refer to her under that name for the sake of simplicity) made the announcement on Twitter that the real reason for her retirement from modelling was a breast reduction, and the subsequent revelation that she and her operation were the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary I have remained silent. Those of you who are regular readers may be surprised at this as I have been a fervent supporter and promoter of Dors, her modelling career and her website, but I believed that this was a matter that was personal to her, her family and friends. I wished her well on Twitter, accepted that my role as a promoter was now redundant, and left it at that.
However I have today seen some hateful comments on other blogs which have truly amazed me, and I cannot remain silent any longer. I cannot stand by and see someone I respect and care about vilified without some kind of response. Notwithstanding the right of free speech, I am appalled at the hate-filled and judgmental rhetoric (largely but not exclusively anonymous) that I have read. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised when I know of the phenomenon of the 'anonymous hater' that has been facilitated by social network media, but of course was always there in the anonymous letter, abusive phone call and so on, but this is the closest I have come to it.
Any model has the right to choose what kind of work they do, and whether to continue modelling or not. Whilst some of Dors' twitter utterances could have been better phrased, her final tweet was one of thanks to her fans. I quote "Thank you to you all for your support and kindness, 99.9% of you are adorable good people! And I have enjoyed meeting you! Genuinely!"
Surely that doesn't deserve being called a bitch, having her mental health called into question, and advised to 'lose some weight and see if the reduction is still necessary'. These comments say so much more about the people who write them than they ever could about Dors.
Fans there are still as many pictures and videos out there for you to look at and get off on as there ever were - just let the girl get on with her life.
I won't be promoting her website any more, but neither will I remove the blog posts that are already there - they are part of the history of Altboobblog and will stay unless Dors herself asks me to remove them, or the website they are linked to is taken down.
Another blogger once called the Dors Feline story a rollercoaster, and I for one have thoroughly enjoyed the ride, but its now time to collect our souvenir photo and find another fairground attraction. I'm not sure that the thrill will ever be the same however.
Dors, if you read this I truly wish you all the very best, and you know where I am. As for the rest of you, normal service will be resumed soon.

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  1. Dors Still <3's Alt boob blog ;)