Thursday, 22 September 2011

Alecto Mania - proving you don't have to have big boobs to be sexy!

I got a tweet the other day from a young South African model by the name of Alecto Mania (not her real name I suspect!) chastising me for only featuring girls with big boobs, and telling me 'small boobs are sexy too'. Not being one to argue, I invited Alecto to send me some pics, and I must say I agree with her - small boobs are sexy!
I asked Alecto to tell me a bit about herself, and here she is in her own words "Alecto Mania has been modeling for three years now. During these three years she has professionalized in Alternative and fetish modeling. Alecto Mania is currently aspiring to become an erotic model and is starting up her own site modeling agency. She thoroughly enjoys art in almost all its forms and is by far NOT your girl next door.

This girl rocks eight tattoos and sixteen facial piercings, with tons more to come. Her favourite alcohol is of course tequila and South Comfort. She is a complete geek, attracted to reading and gaming. Alecto currently owns her own personal library at home, anything from Biology to science, she has it. She enjoys researching sex and trying out any new toy available on the market. Though only measuring in at 5ft2, this tiny woman packs a punch. Having done kick boxing, she sure knows how to defend herself.
Alecto has done quite a few features but hope to do more in the future. She has been spotted at many metal events and concerts, as well as appeared in several fashion shows.
Her fetishes are simple, “I have a fetish for fetish”, although pvc and latex on alluring women have been known to bring this girl to her knees."  There's not a lot more for me to add, except to tell you how to get more of Alecto. You can follow her on Twitter or try her website,

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