Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New Dors Feline Video Release from ScoreHD

Dors Feline may have retired from modelling (see recent post) but the nature of the adult business means that there is a lot of material from recent, and not so recent, shoots that has not yet been published, so we can expect to continue to see new Dors Feline material for some time to come, and I will continue to bring it to you.
The Score Group have just released this new video, and it is just a reminder of what we will miss once there is really no more new Dors Feline material.
Some commentators have raised eyebrows over the nature and timing of Dors' retirement from modelling, but my view is simple. Dors Feline has given us a lot of pleasure over the years, and OWES US NOTHING by way of explanation or anything else. Dors if you read this (and I have a feeling you will) I wish you all the very best in whatever you do and THANK YOU!

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