Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Goodbye Dors Feline - "The Brightest Light Burns But Briefly."

It's been a couple of weeks now since Dors Feline (or should I say The Model Previously Known as Dors Feline) announced her retirement from modelling due to the toll it was taking on her health and personal life.
It was a shock to a lot of people, but the Dors I knew was never one to do a half-assed job, and if she couldn't give her modelling career 100% then retirement was the only option. It was particularly disappointing after all the work she had put into, a personal website under her own control, and which was really taking off, with regular weekly updates and members only webchats particular features.
 The website will continue, and the regular updates will also continue until there is no more material. Other websites, notably the Score group, also have unpublished material which they will put out as and when they choose.
For me, this blog was inspired by Dors, and it will feel very strange putting it together without my regular Dors Feline features. I never met Dors in person, but through the magic of twitter, email, tumblr, facebook and webcam I felt the magic that she exuded. For me and lots of others it wasn't all about the wonderful tattoos, the fantastic breasts and that smile, but the random tweets, fantastically enjoyable rants (as long as you weren't the object of them),superb put downs to daft questions, the underlying good sense and knowledge of the darker side of the adult business and the hutzpah to speak out against it.
As I've said in previous blogs, I do wish her all the very best and feel privileged to have been a part of 'Team Dors'.
You can grab a bit of Dors Memorabilia in her Ebay sale, and true to form she is happy to provide some provenance in the form of a signature or card.
I was going to add a whole bunch of pictures to this post but you can look through the archives and find every picture of Dors Feline that I've ever posted - you can count them, I'm not going to!

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