Wednesday, 26 January 2011

How Cool is Tassy Pink! - You Decide!

AltBoobBabe Tassy Pink is a contestant in the Annual competition, for which the prize is $5000 worth of clothes from, and she would like you to vote for her. I'll let her explain the rules herself (in case I get it wrong!)
  • "Viewers must have an account at Model Contest and be logged in for their votes to be counted
  • Viewers may vote every 8 hours starting at 12am Pacific Time (8am Greenwich Mean Time) (voting time blocks: midnight-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-midnight.)
  • Viewers may award 1 to 5 stars for any contestant (Please Note: voting 1 star does not hurt a competitors chance of winning it simply increases their Total Stars by 1.  but always give *me* 5 & no one else!!! hahahaha)

Here is the direct link to the page I'm on - (yeah i'm the totally naked one) - i guess i'm in 7th place, i was in 4th two days ago! as you can see I'm behind by a ton of votes, but I'm offering anyone who posts a comment on my profile saying they've voted w/5 stars a.) a chance to pick an outfit off the site that i'll use some of the money towards to shoot in & then b.) autographed pics in it or c.) pics + the outfit after a cam show - depending on how many comments they leave/if they RT or post my info on their FB etc. haven't figured that one out fully yet!"
So I hope that's clear! Seems like a win-win situation to me. You become a member at, which is totally free, and you get to see lots of pics of the contestants. If you vote for Tassy and she wins, you get to choose what she wears in a photoshoot. I've already registered and voted and its well worth it! While you're making your mind up about this no-brainer just have a look at these pics of Tassy getting down and dirty (literally) in the garage - nice car!

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