Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dors Feline Exclusive Content Offer!!

My good friend Dors Feline is trying ever so hard to raise some money to pay the deposit on a new flat (apartment) as her current home is being sold from under her!
She has prepared some exclusive content (so exclusive I can't even show you a sample) for sale via her chip-in page at, where you can see the full details and chip-in to get your picture set or video.
To make it even easier for you I've added a chip-in widget on the sidebar at the right.
Now you know I'm not going to get you here on false pretences, so even though I can't show you the pics that are for sale here are some pics from her shoot with Score. Oh, and don't forget if you are a member of then Dors' first video chat is scheduled for Tuesday Evening UK time.

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