Monday, 29 November 2010

Ruby Violence & Friends in Angry Candy!

 Twitter star and AltBoobBabe Ruby Violence is always working to bring you new and exciting photos and videos.

Here are a few group shots from her recent photoshoot Angry Candy, with really imaginative costumes using candy bars. I'll let Ruby intorduce her friends: 'Babydoll Lucy was Miss Lollipops, Mistress Zelda was beautiful as Cotton Candy, and Dangerously sexy Royanna was Sexy Skittles. Enjoy this first batch of group photos of me and my lovelies.'
 I don't think I can add to that, save to say they all look really sweet as candy and I could easily gobble them all up! I bet you could too!

There's more of this plus a whoile lot of other good stuff at so go and visit, then follow Ruby on Twitter and say Hi - She will reply cos she's that sort of lady!!

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