Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Important Message about Jessie Lee

The following was posted on Tumblr by Missy Starr Please read and respond.
Jessie Lee
As most of you know by now Jessie Lee was in an awful car accident on Friday November 5th.  There are many people and companies trying to help Jessie with her medical bills as like most of us she doesn’t have insurance.  Since everyone has the same goal in mind which is to help a sweet and loving girl I have compiled a list of companies that are donating money and also doing fundraisers to help.
Bomshellbrats.com will donate 50% of their sales to Jessie Lee http://bombshellbrats.com/ 
Godsgirls.com will give you a free membership if you donate at least $20 to Jessie’s paypal which is omgitsjessielee@yahoo.com
And the wonderful folks from Onhercam.com will match every $20 you donate. You can read more about that at http://www.onhercam.com/forums/index.php/topic,16040.0.html 
BurningAngel.com has set up a help Jessie website http://www.helpomgitsjessielee.com/  http://www.burningangel.com/
There will be an event in NYC A Night For @OmgitsJessieLee!”
The lovely Athena Hollow will donate 15% of all her sales for this month to Jessie
You can also get updates at
As you can all see Jessie has many people that love her and are pulling for her. Jessie would be doing the same for anyone she cared about if they were in her place.  You know she is special when the adult industry is working so hard to help her.  So please reach down into your hearts and wallets and give to any of these companies. Or give directly to Jessie by donating to her paypal omgitsjessielee@yahoo.com
You can also send gifts and cards to her at:
770 Mill Road Apt 2f,
west seneca, ny, 14224
Thank you to all that are helping! As always keep Jessie in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!
Missy Starr

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