Saturday, 23 October 2010

Top Drawer AltBoobBabe Dors Feline Goes Top Shelf!!!

 At last it can be revealed! Although she's dropped a few hints, AltBoobBabe Dors Feline has been very secretive about the photoshoot she's been doing for the last couple of days, and AltBooBblog has been sworn to secrecy on pain of dire retribution! So as I value my nuts I've been a good boy and kept it quiet till now!

Dors has been in Berlin, Germany, shooting with what is probably the world's number one big boob magazine SCORE and its sister magazine VOLUPTUOUS.  I'm sure that as well as going into print for the top shelf market the pictures will also find their way onto the SCORE and VOLUPTUOUS websites.

Obviously I can't show you any pictures from the shoot yet, but rest assured you'll get to see them here first once they are available. I do have a pic that Dors has sent me showing her in her SCORE T-shirt!

And here are a few more random pictures of Dors to keep you going.

And don't forget to watch out for news of the launch of Dors' new official website Remember this is the only official Dors Feline website, run by Dors herself. Any other website using the name Dors Feline is not approved or endorsed by Dors in any way.

You can also see pictures of Dors at the Dangerous Dolls and punkgrls websites.

And of course don't forget her tumblr blog

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