Monday, 25 October 2010

Dangerous Dolls is just full of AltBoobBabes!!

 It's amazing (well not that amazing really) how many of the AltBoobBabes I've featured in this blog are also Dangerous Dolls. Not surprising since has 264 Dolls at the moment and the number is rising daily.

Here are a few that you may recognise from my earlier posts, but in case you need reminding they are, top to bottom:


Scarlett Storm and zombie friend

Jasper Trash

 Ruby Violence

Jaded Kitty Kimiko

Dors Feline

& Jenna Roxx.

All these pictures are from the Dangerous Dolls website except for Jenna's, who is a newbie to Dangerous Dolls and hasn't had a set posted up YET!
Remember these are just a few of the Dangerous Dolls - be assured there will be many more featured in this blog in the future!

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