Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Important Message from Violet Doll aka Viorotica!

I saw this on Violet's tumblr, and am repeating it here as a gesture of support. There are enough people leeching of the backs of successful models without just stealing material. I quote
"So if you’re a fan of mine, a friend, a follower, whatever…

Please do not blog or reblog any content that uses my image, that does not have either a viorotica.com or godsgirls.com or onhercam.com logo. The majority of my photos & videos should be watermarked with VIOROTICA.COM!!

My official solo site is viorotica.com.

violeterotica is not owned by me, I have nothing to do with that site. I make no money off of violeterotica, and my photos are being used there illegally. DO NOT USE CONTENT WITH A VIOLETEROTICA.COM LOGO! IT IS ILLEGAL!

You can help me by stopping the spread of this illegal content. If you have posted anything with a violeterotica watermark, please remove it. Save me the trouble of hunting you down. Thank you!" End Quote.

AltBooBblog has never posted any unofficial pic or vids of Violet, and is not about to start now; however here are a couple of official ones to whet your whistle. See the watermark - thats what you should be looking for!!

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