Monday, 20 September 2010

Dors Feline Fansign and latest news!

The wonderful AltBoobQueen Dors Feline has told me that she has professional shoots lined up with PunkGrls and Dangerous Dolls in the near future, as well as some magazine work! So she's keeping busy and has also been taking pics for her entry in the missfreeones 2011 competition! So taking the time out to create this special picture for AltBooBblog is quite a big deal and I'm very grateful!! I'm sure you'll agree she is looking really good right now! That sheet of paper is really struggling to cover her lovely 34KK boobies!!


  1. Great picture -- Dors is adorable as usual. That's a small piece of paper to be covering such mammoth titties... careful you don't drop it, Dors dear...