Saturday, 10 March 2012

Big Boob Black Girl Week - Day 6 - Presilla !!

 Day 6 and this Big Boob Black Girl is a little different in that she is not a UK model. Presilla, stage name GoGoFukme, comes from Philadelphia in the good ole US of A. You may have seen her, as I first did, on Bob Coulter's crazybabe site, and I did a post on her a few weeks ago.
Wherever she comes from there is something special about her - maybe it's the great boobs, maybe it's the ink, or maybe it's just that she oozes sex from every pore...
Here is a little bio from her website: Goddess Presilla was born in Brooklyn, NY. Half Jamaican and Chinese this Ebony Goddess is anything but ordinary. After the passing of her mother Kim, Presilla was shipping between relatives in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware but after the death of her father she was moved to and still resides in Wilmington, De. At the age of 19 Presilla started dancing in Philadelphia, Pa where she received attention and recognition by several magazines and videos. She soon entered the XXX world with debut clips in movies "The Cuchi Shop" and "Extreme Sex Vol#1 and #7". Now she is more known for her sexual and body torturing scenes on the web through her personal web cam and sites like and "coming back soon"
You can see more of her at her own website, and follow Presilla on Twitter, as well as revisiting

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