Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Daisy Rock Interview and Exclusive Pics!

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with the one and only Daisy Rock, one of the UK's top porn stars, and definitely an AltBoobBabe. Here is the text of the interview and some exclusive pictures from Daisy's own collection!
ABB: Hi Daisy, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed for Altboobblog. I understand you have some very special news for us. Please do tell..

DR: Yes I have just been nominated for The Shaftas Best Female Performer of the Year.
ABB: So how can your army of fans, your DDFs,  help you to win this award?

DR:  Its so easy all you have to do is click here

ABB: How did you first get into porn, and did it take you long to become the top UK pornstar you are today?

DR: I was invited to fill in a spot at the last moment by Trevor Watson AKA Tanya Hyde, who was making a movie called Sex Club, for Harmony Films.  They needed a pole dancing performer and I was free that day so I obliged.  It was there I met a couple of the porn boys and they helped me to get other jobs within the Industry. 

ABB: With the current explosion of Internet porn, there are lots of girls hoping to make a living from modelling, webcam work, or full-on porn.. What advice would you give an aspiring pornstar?

DR:Gosh the million dollar question.  It’s really tough, I was a business woman before I entered the world of porn so I was lucky enough not to get swallowed up and over used.  I knew I wanted longevity in this Industry so I developed my own name in to successful realms.  You need to have your head screwed on and you also need a little help from somebody who already is established on the inside.  Auntie Daisy will always be there to help.

ABB: It could be said that you’ve ‘been there, done that,’ in the world of adult entertainment’. Is there anything you haven’t done that you would like to do?

DR: I still feel I have only just started, there is still sooo much I would love to achieve.  I would love to do a  3,4 or 5 guy gangbang with just me, I would love to do that.  I would love to be in a US blockbuster.  Most of my ambitions as far as appearing in Pornos is to work with certain producers.  I love working for Evil Angel, I would love to work with Michael Ninn and Andrew Blake, I would also love to shoot an exclusive with Television X.  I would love to lead a parody or a really edgy horror porno.  

ABB: In more general terms, what career plans do you have for the future, and how can we find out about your latest moves?

DR: For my future I really want to lead the way, I will carry on fulfilling the needs of and shoot as much as I can for that, my baby, my passion.  I am also producing and directing my own series of films currently.  The project I am working on right now is very exciting and as soon as I finish it, I will send you all the details.

ABB: Thanks again for that insight into the world of Daisy Rock, and rest assured AltBooBblog will be right behind you in your campaign to win theShaftas Best Female Performer of the Year.

DR: Thanks AltBooBblog Daisy loves you.   XX



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