Sunday, 30 January 2011

More Dors! Dors Feline Gets Oiled Up!!

Like me you just can't get enough of the wonderful Dors Feline. Hot on the heels of my Dors Double a couple of days ago comes this hot video teaser set from Dors' regular fans will recognise another new hair style, which I think really suits her - thats if you can keep your eyes off her boobies long enough to notice.
In these 4 clips Dors gets a bottle of baby oil and rubs it all over her immense boobies and the rest of her body, talking to the viewer all the while. It is so hot you'll be dying to get the full video by joining, which in itself is a great deal, offering 6 sites of BBW ladies doing all sorts of naughty things!
If you prefer to see some still shots from the video just click on any of these pictures.
And don't forget you can see more of Dors at her own website, or you can just browse the AltBooBblog archives...

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