Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Dors Feline - New website update!

I'm sure those of you that follow the activities of AltBoobBabe Dors Feline like I do are aware that she has a new website coming very soon. The address of this website is www.bustydorsfeline.com. Dors also has photosets coming out on www.thedangerousdolls.com and www.punkgrl.com. All of these are official Dors Feline-supported websites, as is Dors' tumblr blog on www.dorslovesit.co.uk.
You may see new pictures and videos going up on her old website, but these are not endorsed or supported by Dors herself.
Now as a reward for ploughing through all that here are a couple of pictures of Dors from her recent Dangerous dolls set!

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